When You Care about What’s in Your Hair

Redemption ProductProduct diversion in the beauty industry is deceiving honest shoppers about what they’re actually putting in their hair.

In today’s global marketplace a dubious practice called product diversion is interfering with basic consumer choice.

When people buy hair care products, they’re usually willing to pay a good price for good quality. If they’re purchasing products of lesser quality, then they expect to pay less. It’s reasonable.

Cosmetologists and other hair care professionals are very concerned about diversion, or the gray market, as it is also known. They feel that when it comes to hair care products, many people are being misled.

The problem is that professional hair care products are being diverted in the market. Instead of being sold exclusively at authorized salons, distributors are intercepting these products and making them available to grocery stores and drugstores. In addition, these diverted hair care products are often expired or they have been diluted or mishandled in some way.

Redken Shampoo RangeWhen the consumer finds them on the shelves with that attractive price tag, they feel that they’re doing their hair and their wallets a favor, when they’re really being duped into buying an inferior product.

The simple truth is that the shampoo or the hair gel in the drugstore is not the same product as at the salon, even if the brand is the same, and even if it comes in the same bottle or packaging. Due to diversion, consumers just don’t get what they see, and they may not notice the difference until it’s in their hair.

That said, for the trained eye, sometimes it’s not hard to detect a diverted product. Often times, these products have been previously discontinued in the market and so they display worn packaging or stickers with new barcodes over top of the old.

As consumers, we would hope that laws would protect us from product diversion, but that is not currently the case in the global marketplace. It’s also difficult to simply blame the retailers or the manufacturers for diversion.

For that reason, hair care specialists are working hard to educate their clients and to gain their trust. For those who care about what’s in their hair, the only way at present to ensure the quality of hair care products is to buy them from a reliable salon.

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